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Los Angeles Couriers raises the bar when it comes to super-fast shipping in Hermosa Beach! Our rush courier services are unmatched as they’re carried out by experienced, bonded drivers and powered by our cutting-edge GPS technology to ensure that every delivery is made on time, every time. That same GPS technology also provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes with real-time tracking and delivery confirmation. You’ll know precisely where your packages are at all times, right up to when they’ve reached their intended recipients. That’s how our same day delivery services make a difference!


Los Angeles Couriers offers a broad selection of same day delivery services for the people of Hermosa Beach. Along with your usual retail boxes and envelopes, our same day delivery services also feature specializations including medical courier services, legal courier services, and same day freight delivery. Each of our rush courier services are designed to cater to the needs of our clients and their unique needs. This is all possible thanks to our massive fleet of sedans, cargo vans, box trucks with lift gates, and freight trucks. Not even 10,000 pounds of cargo is too much for the likes of us!

Same Day Delivery
Deliver urgent small envelopes or packages and make sure they arrive on time every time, 24/7.
Same Day Freight
Deliver urgent palletized or oversized packages and make sure they arrive on time every time, 24/7.
Next Flight Out
We provide 24/7 Next Flight Out (NFO) Service when it's critical for items to be shipped a long distance as soon as possible.
Print & Delivery
Get your items printed, packaged, and delivered right to you, all on the same day!
Remote Office Pickup
We specialize in Remote Office Equipment Pickup and Delivery for new hires to terminated or fired employees; we deliver just about any equipment typical of a home office and more.
Trade Show Delivery
Be the best in the show for your conferences and trade shows with Los Angeles Courier's 24/7 Trade Show and Conference courier services.
Legal Courier
Whatever your Legal Courier and Delivery Service Needs are, Los Angeles Couriers has you covered.
Long Distance Courier
Have a package going from one end of the country to the other; Los Angeles Couriers has you covered.
Medical Courier
Get all your medical supplies shipped fast with Los Angeles on your side! Available 24/7 for all your needs!
Routed Deliveries
Let our team of Los Angeles couriers take care of your routed deliveries for a more cost-effective and quicker method of shipping.
Payroll Delivery Services
Let our couriers deliver your payroll and paychecks same day all over Los Angeles.
Airport Deliveries
If you need suitcases, packages, or large freight picked up at the airport to be delivered to it’s destination let our last mile airport deliveries take care of it.



I needed HELP! I am a wedding planner, and I was in distress. Our caterers in Los Angeles had messed up our order time on the wedding day and had already scheduled their only delivery truck. I had no idea how I would get the food from Los Angeles to the wedding venue in long beach. I called a friend who suggested Los Angeles Couriers and could not be happier with the outcome. The food came out marvelous even after the long transit; they kept the hot food hot and the cold food cold, and they did it all an hour ahead of schedule!
- Whitney S.
My company has been in business for years, and after my usual shipper had completely messed up my order and gotten my freight stuck at LAX, I found these guys. Los Angeles Couriers immediately sent a lift gate box truck to retrieve my pallets and deliver them to my client. They delivered it within 24 hours, and I couldn't be more relieved. I am using them for all my future orders and freight deliveries!
- Craig J.
I was fed up with shipping my Etsy orders through USPS! My orders were always late, damaged, or missing entirely! Since I found Los Angeles Couriers, I have not had a single shipment be late or go missing. My customers have doubled since, and I have expanded my company; thankfully, Los Angeles Couriers ships everywhere!
- Marcy Clark
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Courier Services in Hermosa Beach

Dependable, fast, and always on time—these are the tenets that Los Angeles Couriers lives by with our same day delivery in Hermosa Beach! Every rush courier service is completed by one of our Hermosa Beach-native bonded drivers. With the aid of our powerful GPS technology, our drivers are equipped with an extra eye that can catch traffic ahead of time, giving them a chance to navigate around traffic spots such as on the Pacific Coast Hwy or on Pier Ave. No matter where in Hermosa Beach you need a delivery, we’ll make sure it delivers on schedule!

Situated in the South Bay region with a grand view of the beautiful Pacific Ocean, Hermosa Beach is a popular place for residents and tourists alike who want to catch some sun and enjoy beachside recreational activities like cycling, surfing, and volleyball. But that’s not all—everyone can enjoy some quality shopping at the Hermosa Beach Pier! The city boasts a plethora of warm weather activities and events including the International Surf Festival, the Hermosa Beach Sunset Concert, and Shakespeare by the Sea. But whether you’re running a local event and are in need of supplies, or you’re just one of Hermosa Beach’s 19,000 residents, you can get your packages faster than ever with the rush courier services of Los Angeles Couriers!

We’re able to offer so many kinds of same day delivery services thanks to our skilled bonded drivers and our huge fleet of vehicles. From sedans and cargo vans to box trucks with lift gates and freight trucks, there’s no shipment too big or small for us to handle. We’ve delivered everything from retail gifts and medical supplies to manufacturing parts and even a whole 10,000 pounds of cargo. Whatever you need rush delivered, we’ll have the wheels for it!

When you need your medical supplies delivered STAT to the Kaiser Permanente Manhattan Beach Medical Office or to the Torrance Memorial Medical Center, our medical courier services can be your critical solution. From medical equipment and prosthetics to medical specimens and organ transplants, your packages will be delivered with speed and the utmost care by our OSHA and HIPAA protocol trained drivers. Your legal documents are important to your casework, and it’s crucial to not miss a single legal deadline. With our legal courier services, you can make sure your documents remain on track and reach their intended destinations, whether it be the Torrance Courthouse, the Los Angeles County Superior Court, or the Redondo Beach City Clerk. Our court runners are experienced in the secure delivery of documents such as court filings, processing documents, petitions, and court document retrievals—you can rest assured that your documents will always reach the proper recipient with impeccable timing and the utmost professionalism.

Los Angeles Couriers is ecstatic to be receiving so many positive reviews from the people of Hermosa Beach! We’re always looking for new ways to expand our same day delivery services, so that whatever your unique needs may be, we’ll have a rush courier service that matches your situation. Give us a call or visit our website at for a free price quote—we look forward to serving you and becoming your all-in-one shipping solution!


Stay informed with Los Angeles couriers every step of the way. Our team of professionals will keep you updated throughout the delivery process.



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